The Lobby

The Lobby was created to democratize one of the darkest parts of the American political system. It is a proposal for an online platform that gives users the opportunity to create and crowdfund a political lobby.
Over the last few years the US political system has seen a massive swell in financing from corporations and wealthy individuals. As a result, legislation has become increasingly polarized and less representative.
The vote on gun restrictions in April 2013, is an example of the influence private-interest groups play in the passing of legislation.

Ninety percent of the American public supported stricter background checks on guns. Yet the law didn’t pass. The Lobby creates a counter balance for Main Street, making it possible for anyone to raise money and influence their legislators; it hedges on the vision of pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with “the crowd”.

As of July 2014 I have decided not to continue development of The Lobby.